Class Description 2015

Ashtanga Beginner

Ideal for students new to the Ashtanga yoga system. The teacher will lead the class through the sequence of poses from the Primary Series, including the traditional vinyasa counting, which aims to synchronize the breath with movement (Vinyasas).

Ashtanga Led

An open-level class following the principles of Ashtanga Yoga which, when creatively weaved together in a sequence result in a challenging, yet inspirational practice.

Ashtanga Primary (Led Primary)

Class suitable for regular Ashtanga practitioner. Class will be conducted based on the Traditional Vinyasa counting, of the Primary Series of The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Mysore / Mala

The traditional way of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Each student practices independently within a group setting, with the teacher providing adjustments and minimal guidance on a one-to-one basis. The student is taught progressively, and in accordance with their ability and limitations. Beginners are welcome too.

Chan Meditation (regular meditators only)

Students coming to the class are expected to be able to sit in half lotus comfortably for 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the students to relax/contemplate upon their own self through meditation, without being distracted by sensations of the body. The class does not aim to "teach" students anything. The hope is to help students find out for themselves their obstacles to attaining peace of mind through meditation.

Guided Meditation (all level)

Students will be guided through with Om chanting and Mantra Chanting, as well as Chakra balancing.

Meditation (all level)

Meditation methods are based on the teachings of Master Nan Huai Chin/Jin. Anapanasati and Quiet sitting

Meditation & Hatha (all level)

Quiet sitting, covers basic pranayama and alignment of poses.

Yin Yoga (all level)

With a special focus on the body’s acupressure points, the teacher will guide the student in exploring the body’s inner energy through longer and deeper stretches to develop a tranquil and meditative mind.

Yin & Yang (all level)

The Yin routine focuses on relaxation and calmness, while the Yang routine is dynamic and energizing, an open-level class for all who wants to find a balance within their practice.

REMINDERS: Preferably allow up to 4 hours after a meal before practicing, acceptance of one’s physical limitations will prevent injuries, so practice wisely. Dry clothings in meditation room.

Please use less paper cups and paper hand towel.
Bring your own cup and hand towel.
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih....