All Classes will be cancelled when BLACK RAIN or TYPHOON 8 is hoisted!
Studio reopens 2 hours later after T8 or BLACK RAIN signal removed!

Our classes are open according to our schedule.
NO need to call, NO reservation.
JUST WALK IN to attend.
We DO NOT offer trial classes nor free classes.
We DO NOT take credit card payments.
Please remove your shoes at the entrance, and arrange your shoes neatly in the shoe racks.
Mala Mysore (Mon-Thur) 0700-1000, adjustment from 0730-0930.
We provide yoga mats and towels.

Special Notice: Safety measures-Shala temporarily closure & Re travel
Lately due to the COVID-19 case increasing daily, and following the safety measures laid out by our CE, as a precaution and safety measure our shala is temporarily closed till April 12 reopen.
We will extend all membership accordingly, so no class starting, March 22.
Let us all stay home and do self practice.
Thank you all for your support and together we will ride through these time with greater awareness.
Stay safe and see you all April 12
Om Mani Padme Hum.

With immediate effect all arriving passengers to Hong Kong, as a safety measure, please rest at home for 14 days before coming to practice.
If you have a fever, cough or symptoms of flu please refrain from practicing.
In times like this, maintain self hygiene and stay cheerful!

April Public Holiday
April 4, 10 & 11: Close
April 12: 0830-1000 Ashtanga Led by Jolene
April 13: 0800-1000 Mysore by Cheuk Na
April 30: 0800-1000 Mysore By Lily
May 1: 0800-1000 Led Primary by Cheuk Na

Dance & Stretch - Body, Mind & Soul by DanicingAndy Wong

Date: Apr 17, 24 & May 8 & 15 (Fri)
Time: 1245-1345 Cost : $700 Drop in: $280
Course Description:
The aim of this course is to use exercises and poses or asanas designed to bring your body into a stretched-out and physically welcoming state, which allows you to enter a flow of dancing exercises in which you can connect your body with space and emotion and explore the possibilities of your body. In our busy city lives, you will be guided to attain a state of tranquility and gain a self-healing power!
Registration required: Email us at
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易筋經與靜坐工作坊 - Joe Chan
五月:5,12,19 & 26
共四堂課:$800 一堂課:$280 (廣東話授課)
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2020年4月 後彎和倒立工作坊-卓娜老師
Backbends and inversions workshop
by Cheuk Na

Backbends and inversions are mainly working towards the opening of the heart chakra region's mindfulness.
Saturday: Apr 18
Time: 1030 -1230
Drop in $450

Ashtanga Basics by Cheuk Na

時間 :10:30-12:30
10堂 : $3000
一堂 :$380
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太極十三式 Taichi 13 Form by Linda Fung
Apr: 23 & 29
May: 7 & 14
Time: 3:30pm-5pm
Cost: $1000 Drop in: $300
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Moon Day in April
Apr 7: Close
Apr 23; Normal schedule

Reminders for using the Meditation area
When entering the Meditation area please ensure your clothing are dry.
Ladies seating at the windows side.
Men seating at the Heart Sutra side.
Fold the towels neatly and keep the Meditation area tidy.
No drinks, No food and No handphones allowed in the Zen Meditation area.

Reminders for using The Yoga area
Put away neatly all props after using them.
Roll and keep your own personal mat after drying before leaving
Keep the Shala neat and tidy.

Reminders for using The Changing Room area
Keep Male and Female changing room doors closed at all time.
Keep toilet cover down at all time.
Please put used towel into towel bin.
Keep the area dry and clean.

Reminders for using The Pantry area
After meal and drink please tidy up.
Keep the Pantry area dry, neat and tidy.