Cheuk Na

My mother told me that I am born in the 1st of January, 1967 in Fujian Changle County. My Uncle gave me my birth name, Cheuk Na. Although I don’t know where do I come from, I want to find out where am I going after my death through the practice of Yoga.

I wished I knew about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga earlier, I cannot keep my eyes off it. Thank you very much Guruji.

It was in the early 2002 when I first on Mysore class, my teacher Michel Besnard came at me and said:. "Make your practice like moving meditation.” I looked at him , then nodded , felt enlightened, I respect him from my heart. Under Michel’s guidance for six years , not only built a solid foundation , but also established a deep mentoring relationship.

2008 was a turning point in my practice , due to the departure of Michel , my good fellow Jolene could not bear our class without a teacher, so she decided to bring us to Master Nan, her father in law, in Tai Hu. He spent seven days teaching us about Yoga. Master Nan is the lighthouse of my life.

The fate with John Scott in 2010 is strong and unexpected, I thought I would not met any other teacher after Master Nan. John guided me to truly understand the meaning of Vinyasa. It is Master Nan who first taught us how to meditate in Anapanasati Sutta, both the Vinyasa practice and the Anapanasati comes together as one.

Lindzay Chan

Lindzay Chan was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese father and an English mother. She started her professional life as a ballet dancer after attending Elmhurst Ballet School and later the Royal Ballet Upper School. She has performed in Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan and Australia and rose to the ranks of principle dancer, and then became the assistant to the artistic director with the HK Ballet. After retiring from dance, she also sat on the HK Ballet Board of Directors for a number of years. Lindzay continued to perform as an actress for TV, cinema and stage. She has won a Golden Horse Award, Taiwan's most prestigious film award and Portugal's Bronze Camellia award for best actress.

Throughout her performing years Lindzay studied and practiced yoga, but it was not until she met teacher Michel Besnard, that her commitment to the study and practice of yoga took a serious turn.

Due to injury Lindzay's practice moved from an asana based practice to a practice focused on chanting and meditation. This led to producing and recording "Searching For The Sun", an album using mantras and chanting to raise vibration in space.

Lindzay started to teach as a way to share the joy of this simple yet profound and transformative practice.

She has had the good fortune to meet and listen to the teachings of enlightened Master Nan Hwai Chin, and to have the guidance and encouragement of his devoted students.

Lindzay wishes to thank her parents for this life,
Her sister,
Her husband David for his unconditional love
Her children, Charlotte, Luke and Daniel
Her friends
Her teachers for their guidance and encouragement
and all who accompany her on this life's adventure
...... The journey continues.
Lindzay is a certified yoga teacher
Certified health coach.

Jolene Ho

I met my father in law in 1992, Master Nan Huai Jin/Chin, and ever since then he is my spiritual mentor. One day he said to me “Don’t fly anymore go take up yoga!”. I quit my flying career and took up yoga.

Since 2002, I devotedly practice Ashtanga Yoga under the strict and caring guidance of Michel Besnard, Director of Yogasana. Untill today still is very much in love with Ashtanga Yoga.

Where does life comes from?
What is your vision in life?
What is your purpose in life?
How can you make this lifetime worthwhile?
These questions were given by Master Nan to students who practice self cultivation with him. Is my lifetime homework to seek the answers to these questions.

Ken Pang

1976 - B.B.A. - Wilfrid Laurier University
1981 - started own Chartered Accountants firm in Toronto.
1992 - 2012 : student of Master Nan Huai Jin
1989 - now : Lead discussion of Master Nan's books at Hong Kong Buddhist Library
2003 - now: Teach meditation at Hong Kong Correctional Services
2003 - 2004 Columnist of weekly Buddhism page in SingPao, Hong Kong
2006 - now: Lead meditation classes at Yogamala, Hong Kong

Saturday afternoon "Chan Meditation" class introduction:

Life is nothing but body and mind.

Practising asana is definitely one of the best ways to build a healthy body.

The Saturday afternoon "Chan Meditation" class tries to deal with the mind part.
Students coming to the class are expected to be able to sit in half lotus comfortably for 20 to 30 minutes.
This allows the students to relax/ contemplate upon their own self through meditation, without being distracted by sensations of the body.

The class does not aim to "teach" students anything. The hope is to help students find out for themselves their obstacles to attaining peace of nind through meditation.

Lily Dizon

Lily teaches Hatha/Flow, Yin, and Mysore-style Ashtanga. Her alignment-based instructions and hands-on adjustments aim to help students observe their mind-body-breath connection. Her instructions are simple and precise, her approach to practice and teaching non-dogmatic. She also teaches pranayama and meditation, has led retreats in Bali, Saigon, Hoi An, Hanoi and Nha Trang, in Vietnam, and has taught classes and workshops in Stockholm, Macau, Southern France and Mumbai.

Christina Ong

Christina is a child of the ocean, a free spirit, a yogini, a runner, and an animal lover. She teaches yoga with an open heart and a happy approach. Her classes are fun, challenging, and once in a while full of laughter. She approaches yoga as a tool for living a better, balanced and healthier life.  

Miranda Yip

Miranda first discovered yoga in 2002 and was amazed by the wonderful calming, yet energizing effect it had on her. Later, encouraged by her teacher Frances Gairns she undertook a teacher training course with Michel Besnard in 2005.

Miranda is a caring, attentive teacher, very much influenced by many wonderful teachers, Michel Besnard, Frances Gairns, John Scott, Joyce Thom, Paul Grilley, Mark Whitwell.  Also the meditation practice she maintains through her Buddhist studies at the Vipassana meditation center in Chi Lin Nunnery.

The practice of yoga and meditation are blessings in her life.  To broaden her aim of helping students to overcome challenges she teaches myofascial release workshops,  also expanded her practice of Reiki and Craniosacral Works. She hopes to be able to share her journey with all her students.

Dorothy Watts

With a background in physical geography, Dorothy turned her pursuits to spirituality and the quest for self-realization after series of events from self-doubt to personal loss.  She first approached yoga at the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hong Kong in 2006, where she studied Raja yoga meditation with Jan Moor. She has been a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner for years and is currently practicing the Third Series under great influence of John Scott.

Having learnt different styles of yoga from Forrest, Jivamukti, Iyengar and Ashtanga in particular, She truly believes that the diversity of this tradition ultimately brings us all back to the essence of Yoga – the true, honest learning of our own being, and the relationship between the inner and outer world.  After years of traveling and meeting all walks of life, she founded DeeKapha Yoga in 2010 where she aspires to share her knowledge and experience to the expanding yoga community wherever she touches. It was during this transient and demanding period of her “constant on-the-go” life that she learned to make peace with chaos, struggles and changes. Dorothy continues to integrate her personal practice into teaching and sharing with humility and loving kindness.